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Would you like to digitise your business but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. We analyse your business processes and propose a solution. Ask our team for a free consultantion.

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Agile from Mike Rohde

Agile methodology

Our development process follows strict rules dictated by the 
Agile methodology.
Each project starts with a careful analysis of the business processes being digitised. On the basis of the analysis, a roadmap is shared with the client, in which the work is divided into development blocks, together with costs and release times for each of them.
Before each release, the software undergoes a thorough quality check, and the customer is always given the opportunity to test the work done. Only when the customer is truly satisfied is the development released.

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Start to analyse the processes and the customer requests

Show the project

Presenting the project divided into development blocks


Development of the project

Project Delivered

Deliver the project fully tested within the scheduled time

ERP Solutions

We offer full  ERP solutions  for any enterprise. From  sales  to  accounting , from  inventory  to  production , from  ecommerce  to  marketing : discover how our development team can help to improve any business department.

Blockchain solutions

We can build  Blockchain applications based on Hyperledger Sawtooth. Discover how we can secure your data with the use of this disruptive technology.

Digital projects on demand

We turn any ideas in reality. From a simple website to a killer project the could revolutionise the world: ask us how we can build your digital project totally customized. 

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