Project Zompah

Teleport people anywhere in the world

 COMING 2024

What is the project and how it will work

Zompah is an innovative app that will allow distant travel to be managed in real time.

The app uses a 360 camera to allow travellers to have fully immersive experiences from home.

Trips will be planned by next-generation tour operators, who all they need is a 360-degree camera and our app. Thanks to Zompah, a new job market will open up!

Some information about Zompah

What's the idea behind Zompah

The main objective of Zompah is to give people the possibility to explore distant cities and places in the world, without necessarily having to travel there. 

The application is designed primarily for entertainment purposes, but can be adapted for other scopes.

Which technologies does Zompah use?

Zompah makes use of 360-degree cameras to provide an immersive experience.

The original idea was to put real automatons into the cities to be controlled remotely, so as to recreate a true emulation of teleportation. During several discussions with various investors and experts in the field, we came to the conclusion that the project would be too expensive and would receive the friction of local and national authorities. We therefore tried to simplify the idea in order to make it viable and profitable.

However, we did not shelve the original idea, convinced that this is the direction in which we are moving.

Will Zompah support all 360-degree cameras?

No, at the moment the service is available for Insta360 models only. However, in the future we plan to extend the compatibility to other major brands in the segment (we are already at work to expand support to GoPro cameras.

How will it work?

Our app will act as an intermediary for two main actors: the tours with rooms that will organise trips in a given path (chosen by them, or by the travellers); the travelling users who will only have to book the tour and connect.

When will it be released?

Zompah is currently in the final stages of development. A beta version is already available to potential investors or other people/institutions interested in the project. 

The final version is expected to arrive to the public by summer 2023.