​You too, Odoo

The best Open Source ERP on the market

Why Odoo

Globalist Technology currently considers Odoo to be the best Open Source ERP system on the market, and for several reasons.

Odoo, previously known as OpenERP, is supported by two incredibly strong pillars: the parent company, Odoo SA based in Brussels, which supports the annual releases of the major versions and provides the Enterprise version of the system; and the OCA community, which releases open-source modules free of charge to provide functionality that would otherwise not be covered by the parent company alone (in Italy, for example, thanks to OCA Italy it is possible to manage billing, accounting, and tax compliance compatible with Italian regulations).

An always up-to-date and increasingly powerful software

At Globalist Technology, we have been following Odoo since version 8 and we can attest to the enormous progress made by the software in a relatively short time. Over the course of a decade, we can confidently say that Odoo is now an extremely powerful and reliable ERP software, capable of competing with more well-known counterparts such as SAP. Odoo SA releases a superior version every year, in which the software is improved in terms of functionality, while behind the scenes, optimization work is carried out to make the software even more performant.

More and more functionality with new Odoo 17

In addition to improving what is already there, the Odoo SA team strives to add new functionality to the system every year. Take a look at all the new features added in the recent version of Odoo 17.

An extremely advantageous price

In the price of the user license for Odoo Enterprise, all Odoo apps are included. For just over 10 euros per user per month, you have access to the entire Odoo module ecosystem. There is currently no application on the market with such a competitive price.

Super flexible

Odoo is open-source, so experienced partner developers like Globalist Technology can modify existing functionality or add new ones to adapt the software to the client company's business processes.

The flexibility of Odoo allows the software to fully adapt to the client's requirements, something that is practically impossible in other closed software."